So, you are ready to adopt a Dalmatian?

Taking on a new pet is something that should always be carefully considered, but taking in a surrendered Dalmatian also adds another factor into the mix as dogs requiring rehoming often have their own unique set of issues. Firstly, the age, colour or gender of the dog may not be what you were hoping. Their personality and behaviours may also require careful management and retraining.

But we are here to help. No Dalmatian isn't rehomed without proper vetting by our experienced volunteers, both of the Dalmatian and it's prospective new owners. We assess the family, as well as the home and surroundings, that everything is appropriate and safe for the surrendered Dalmatian.

Sometimes, these dogs have been rescued from a dire situation and it can take some time for them to feel safe in new and unfamiliar surroundings. That is why we take the time to vet all potential adopters, and why we insist on a home trial, sometimes preceeded by supervised home visits, before finalising any rehoming of a Dalmatian. We also stipulate that any rehomed Dalmatian that has to be surrendered in the future must be returned to DRAWA.

Our website contains information and links to help you make the decision on whether a Dalmatian is the right breed for your family.

If you think you have the time, patience, love & energy to keep up with a Dalmatian, then please download the DRAWA Adoption Application Questionaire here. Compelete and email or post the form back to DRAWA. One of our volunteers will be in contact within 48 hours. At some stage we will arrange a home visit to assess that your home is suitable and safe. This may occur soon after your first contact, and/or when a Dalmatian becomes available for adoption.

One final thing. Please be patient as we often do not have a Dalmatian waiting for their new forever home. It is usually the other way round, we have families waiting for their furever pet!

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Sometimes an alternative to adopting is to foster a Dalmatian instead. This has many advantages, especially for someone that has never owned a Dalmatian before. It is a great way to get to know the breed and their foibles.

We are always looking for foster families, especially as we are often contacted out of the blue for an urgent rehome and usually require time for the Dalmatian and potential new family to be assessed thoroughly. Fostering can give us that time, though can add to stress if not correctly managed. That is why we vet our potential foster families just as we would for an adoption. We need to be sure that the family and home are safe for the Dalmatians surrendered into our care.

So, if you think you have what it takes to offer one of our Rescue Dalmatians a foster home, then complete and email/post the DRAWA Foster Carers Application Form. One of our volunteers will be in contact within 48 hours.

You never know, you might end up joining the ranks of the "failed foster" brigade!