For every Dalmatian that we rehome, there are countless others that we have helped along the way. Sometimes just by advising and giving people other options allows that family to keep their much loved pet. Sometimes people just need to talk and realise that there Dalmatian is behaving "normally". And sometimes, circumstances change and a surrender/rehome is no longer required.

But that's all right. That's what DRAWA are here for. To help in whatever capacity we can, whether it be a foster, rehome or just to chat.

But the happiest stories are the Dalmatians that are given a second chance. There are so many reasons why Dalmatians are surrendered. We never judge, as whatever the circumstances, the realisation that surrendering a pet is the best option is a positive one in itself. And who could deny a pet a better life?

Below are a few of our successful rehomes:

Tali Charlie Luxy