At DRAWA, we recognise that family and circumstances in a dog's lifetime can change. And, sometimes, there seems to be no way out of a difficult situation, other than surrendering a much loved pet.

If you need to find a new home for your Dalmatian, please contact us at to discuss your circumstances and see how we can help. We are non-judgemental and sometimes advice on training or other behavioural techniques may be all that is required.

Once DRAWA has been contacted, one of our volunteers will be in contact, though this may take up to 48 hours, to collect some relevant details. In order to assess the situation, we will ask you to fill out a Surrender Form and may arrange for one of our experienced Dalmatian owners to visit. They will assess your Dalmatian for rehoming and collect more observed information, which will go towards finding the right home for your Dalmatian.

We do NOT have kennels, so we ask that you keep your Dalmatian with you until we are able to match your Dalmatian to the right home for him or her. In dire situations, a foster home may be able to be arranged.

Sometimes we can find a new home for your Dalmatian very quickly, but sometimes it can take a little longer, especially if your Dalmatian hasn't lived with children, cats or other dogs. Dogs with anti-social or other behavioural issues will also have to be thoroughly vetted before DRAWA would be able to agree to take them on.

The time it takes to rehome a Dalmatian depends on the dog and the vetted adopter families we have waiting to adopt a Dalmatian from us. We ususally give the adopted family a week trial, but even with our best efforts of matching dogs and families, sometimes things don't work out, and the Dalmatian may be returned. In these situations a foster setting may be more appropriate until the right family and dog mix are found.

Your dog will go to the best home for him or her based partly on the information you supply to us, so we ask that you be as honest as possible. As stated above, we are non-judgemental and are only here to help. We also do not offer your Dalmatian to the next family "on the list". We do a very carful matching process to make sure your dog gets the right home for his or her needs.

PLEASE NOTE: DRAWA only assists with the rehoming of pure-bred Dalmatians, though we have aided other rescue groups with adoption of dogs of mixed breed origin in the past. If your Dalmatian is of a mixed breed, you may want to consider contacting the RSPCA or SAFE. Details can be found on our Contacts page. Also, as we are situated in Perth, Western Australia, we only deal with fostering and rehoming within WA. If you live in another state, please contact your local rescue association.