Dalmatians are often said (by those that do not know the breed) to be slightly daft dogs that never relax. And while Dalmatians are active, energetic dogs that enjoy lots of exercise, when properly exercised they are happy to spend the rest of the day by your side and are a joy to have in your home.

2 Dalmatians playing A young Dalmatian (under 4 years old), must have daily frequent exercise and/or interactive play. Quality time spent with their family is extremely important to this breed. With their high degree of endurance, the Dalmatian makes an excellent walking, jogging, and hiking companion.

Most Dalmatians find an average to large backyard adequate, but it must well fenced as they have little road sense. They are a breed of great physical endurance and stamina, able to travel at a moderate pace for great lengths of time. A morning and evening walk is recommended to burn off energy and stimulate the dog’s mental well-being. Without this exercise Dalmatians will chew, dig and invent their own creative ways to burn off their frustration and energy.

Whilst people are attracted to the Dalmatian's many qualities the commitment required in owning a Dalmatian should never be underestimated. Your Dalmatian may live to be 12-15 years old and 1-2 hours a day is a substantial commitment of time over 15 years. As with considering any breed of dog, please decide if you have the time required before you commit to owning a Dalmatian.